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Presented by Space for Giants and GEMFIELDS

August 17, 2020

Space for Giants


Margery Hirschey X Gemfields is pleased to reveal our charitable collaboration with Walk for Giants - a campaign presented by Space for Giants and Gemfields. Walk for Giants is a campaign to highlight the urgent threats Africa's wildlife and wild places face.

International conservation charity Space For Giants, in partnership with Gemfields, announces Walk for Giants, a fundraising and awareness-building campaign for African wildlife conservation. Proceeds from the collection will bring critical support to protect Africa's elephants and their natural habitat.  Space for Giants is committed to securing the ecological and economic value that nature conservation offers. Especially, in this time of crisis, when travel and tourism are impacted, wildlife and natural habitats are even more vulnerable to exploitation.


Photography: Federico Pestilli

Location: Enasoit Camp

"What Walk for Giants so brilliantly amplifies is that conserving existing natural landscapes is not just critical for the future of humanity but is also the best economic deal around.  Nature-based businesses bring jobs, buy from local suppliers, pay taxes, and build natural economies.  But the natural assets these enterprises rely on - including Africa's last population of mega-fauna - are under grave risk.  We must protect them now, so they can continue to deliver their value forever.  We are excited that Gemfields and NET-A -PORTER have chosen to use their influence to bring much needed attention and funds to this cause," - Dr. Max Graham, Founder and CEO of Space for Giants


Margery Hirschey x Gemfields' charitable contribution to Walk for Giants are our one of a kind, Zambian emerald, gold and diamond earrings.  As part of the Orpheus Collection, this piece takes its inspiration from the modernist Bauhaus movement and the mythical poet, Orpheus, who was famed for being able to bring order from chaos.

Crafted entirely by hand, they bring together 18 karat gold, 3.64 carats of responsibly sourced Gemfields emeralds and 1.5 carats of natural, brilliant-cut diamonds in a stunningly intricate, geometric pattern.  The result is a wearable work of art.

For information on how to purchase, please contact us

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